Artist Statement

I wish to understand the architecture of emotions, how thought and feeling occupy space, create frequency and vibration. My work allows me to creatively express and interpret these investigations.

I am inspired by science; in particular, advanced notions of time and concepts illustrated in quantum physics and theory of thought. I create intuitively, using acrylic paint and ink, analyzing the spaces that emotions inhabit, and the many levels on which they exist. The visual content in my paintings is associated with an idea, a feeling or an emotion, which find form in the intersecting and overlapping surfaces. My intention is to weave energies into a dimensional web to achieve a kind of vibrational structure.

The notion of a vibrating universe has deeply affected my curiosity and my approach to understand reality. The similarities between very big and very small scales of things and their dimensions help me to comprehend their coexistence and illustrate that harmony. I observe the world from various perspectives and attempt to merge my artistic resolve with some essence of universal truth. 

—Mariusz Navratil

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