Mariusz Navratil CV

Mariusz Navratil was born and raised in Gliwice, Poland and has resided in the U.S. since the 1990s. Trained as an architect and having worked on many architectural and stained glass projects from 1985-2009 both in the U.S. and Europe, the desire to be a fine artist always nurtured his spirit.

Since 2009 Navratil has devoted himself full time to art. By pairing his drawing skills with a longtime study of science and philosophy, Navratil has developed a rich language that conveys an artistic approach to understanding the world around him. Navratil works primarily in large-format canvases—and sometimes in 3-dimensional installations—using acrylic and ink to create a universe that invites the viewer to interpret a structure of thoughts and feelings.

In addition to making art, Mariusz helps to promote other artists in the Miami area by organizing exhibitions in public spaces that allow him and his colleagues to reach a broader audience outside of the gallery context. 


Artist and exhibition coordinator

Architect specializing in renovations, additions, private residences in Alexandria, VA; Washington, D.C.; Beaufort, SC; and Wintergreen, VA

Architect specializing in residential and public buildings, designs for Architectural Design Studio, Alexandria, VA. Recruited by Michael Ghorbanian, founder

Artist, commissioned to design, fabricate and install 18 stained glass windows for St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Artist at “Replacements Ltd.” Greensboro NC, USA, restoration artist,  focusing on restoring and repainting gold applications, old china, crystal and silver

Architect at "Wolf System Construction", prefabricated architecture company, Austria. Design and execution of industrial, commercial and residential work; design for sister company in Poland including office building, warehouses for fabrication

Architect at small architectural office, Dusseldorf, Germany

Artist at “Mysiakowski Stained Glass Atelier,” Gliwice, Poland; renovations of stained glass church windows, new designs and fabrications for private residences

Architect at City Hall,  preservation officer for the city and county of Gliwice, Poland; responsible for supervision and execution of restoration and conservation projects for historic buildings, monuments and structures. Work included visiting and making an inventory of all historic structures in the region of Silesia, such as palaces, old towns building, historic mines, etc. Significant projects included the excavation and preservation of a 12th-century medieval bridge and remnants of a city gate, and the creation of a park where the excavations were preserved and accessible for viewing

Architect at "Biprohut", division of architecture, Gliwice, Poland

Art teacher, elementary school Gliwice, Poland


2017    Group show, New York Art Week Show 2017, Caelum Gallery, W 26th St Chelsea  NYC,

            February 28 - March 6th 2017

2017    Solo Exhibit, installation of 10 works, curated by Mariusz Navratil,  Gallery @W 1525 21st St

            Miami Beach FL,   February 2017

2017    Group show, "The Fine Line", Gallery 2612, 2612 NW 2nd Ave Wynwood  Miami FL,

            January 14th 2017

2016    Red Dot Art Fair, Art Basel Miami week,  "Soul Transitions"  Gallery Navratil

2016    Spectrum Art Fair, Art Basel Miami week, "Identity"  Gallery Navratil

2016    Group show, "Art Monsters and Jazz", Centro Espositivo Rocca Paolina, Perugia  Italy,

            July 15th 2016

2016    Installation, Georgia Museum of Art, collaboration with VVoxLabs NYC, Athens GA,

            March 2nd 2016

2016    Solo show,  Alessandro Berni Gallery, winner of art residency and solo exhibition, Via Dei

            Priori,  Perugia  Italy,  February 2016

2015    Group show, "Studium 4", Wynwood Exhibition Center, 297 NW 23rd St Wynwood  Miami

            FL,   November 14th 2015

2015    Group show, "Mariusz Navratil and Guests", South Pointe Gallery, curated by Mariusz

            Navratil, 400 S Pointe Dr  Miami Beach FL,  August 2015

2015    Spectrum Art Fair, Art Basel Miami week

2015    Group show, "Bodies, Forms, Motions and Waves", Brisky Gallery, 130 NW 24th St

             Wynwood,  Miami FL,  August 29th 2015

2015    Group show, "Preview", project by BlinkGroup Gallery Miami, Washington Ave  Miami FL,

             May 21st 2015

2014    Group show, 63rd All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition, Boca Raton Museum of

             Art, Boca Raton  FL,  August 10th 2014

2014    Group show, "Painters Delight", Brisky Gallery, 130 NW 24th St  Wynwood  Miami  FL, 

             April 10th 2014

2013    Installations, "Box Project", Irreversible Magazine Exhibition, Art Wynwood Art Fair and

             Brisky Gallery, 130 NW 24th St  Miami  FL, July 2013

2012    Select Art Fair, Art Basel Miami week 

2012    Group show, Cover Featured Juried Art Competition, "20 Unique Works",  Irreversible

             Magazine,  Wynwood Exhibition Center, 

             297 NW 23rd St  Wynwood, Miami FL,  November 2012

2012     Group show, "Musing with Myra",  Myra Wexler Gallery, North Miami, FL

2012     Group show, "PhilanthroFest", Midtown Miami Greenspace, Miami FL 

2002    Group show, "Works on Paper", Touchstone Gallery, NW 7th St Washington, D.C.

2002    Group show, "Expandoscam", Touchstone Gallery, NW 7th St  Washington, D.C.

2000   Group show, Agora Gallery, Broadway  New York City, NY.

1994     Solo show, "New works" by Mariusz Navratil, Almtaler Volksbank, Scharnstein, Austria

1993     Group shows, Dusseldorf, Germany

1992     Group shows, Dusseldorf, Germany

1989     Group show, "Body",  Gallery ZPAP, selected works by the Association of Polish Artists,

              Historic Old Market, Gliwice  Poland

1989     Group show, "Portrait",  Gallery ZPAP, selected works by the Association of Polish Artists,

             Historic Old Market,  Gliwice  Poland 

1988     Group show, "New works" Gallery City Hall, showcasing Silesian Historic Architecture,

             Historic Old Town, Gliwice  Poland


Architecture degree, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland

I was trained in Poland as an architect and have had the good fortune to work for many years in the field of architecture and design. I have always approached life with the perception as an artist, fueled by a love of science and philosophy. 


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